Provisioning and implementation for turnkey solutions

For performing installation, commissioning, cutover of traffic and network integration of the transmission (radio, optical fiber and cable) and IT & networking equipments, NET TEAM always has 15 dedicated teams and the possibility of extending the number of these teams at over 100, through selected partners; the responsibility for delivering the “turnkey” service is fully assumed by NET TEAM, as integrator.

Compliance with procedures agreed with the client, limiting the service downtime and post cutover complete checks are details that we build our plan of action regardless of the type of activity that we develop.
The OMC team is currently running operations:
– Coordination and support for field teams to the installation and / or to remedy defects;
– Complex data services configurations (transmission, MPLS VPN, Internet) on the provider’s equipments and on the customer premises equipments (CPEs);
– Updating databases;
– Acceptance of telecommunication services based on performance parameters specified in WO;
– Integration of new elements in the supplier monitoring system;
– Remote configuration changes in customers’ services;
– Advanced troubleshooting in MPLS and IP networks;
– Preparation of periodic and at request reports.

Professional Project Management

NET TEAM’s implemented or under implementation projects have the main feature that are requested and delivered as “turnkey” projects, with all the benefits that ensue for the customer. To meet the needs of our customers, we have developed a strong team of Project Management to ensure the smooth progress of the design stage to final product “in service”. NET TEAM’s professionals already have a vast experience in coordinating projects in accordance with PMP ® guidelines and are licensed by local authorities in Romania and related to Project Management Institute PMI ®.

Radio Design, IP and network planning

NET TEAM specialists have the competences to offer complete solutions in design of radio relay lines.

You probably already use your own towers, have rented space in buildings or collocation on existing towers. Our radio design and network planning team can help you find the most effective solutions plus synchronization with your internal departments and external groups governing legislation in this area.

The data development team is currently running operations such as: issuing IP Work Orders, building routers and switches configurations, IP address management and updating of customers’ databases, support for advanced troubleshooting in IP services recovery.

Preventive and corrective maintenance

The NET TEAM’s Operations and Maintenance Center currently performs all types of network operations: WO implementation for Radio, Transmissions and IP, customers’ databases update, network monitoring and dispatching the field teams for field preventive and/ or corrective intervention (FLM-First Line Maintenance).
Speaking about FLM, we have also solid competences in spare parts management and we may ensure you that the right spare part is at the right place (where the broken part is) at the right time.

Logistics and warehousing services

NET TEAM has a modern warehouse space, with a usable area of 600 square meters, equipped with all necessary utilities (water, energy, electricity, gas, telephone and Internet network, etc..) and performs the logistics activities in the storage area: handling, storage, inventory, pick-ing, delivery.

We can provide mixed cargo storage, depending on the specific merchandise stored: vertical racking system (p+3) and on the ground.

Handling is done with our own lifting tools: hydraulics and forklift trucks and transport to various destinations is made through partners with relevant experience in the field.