Social Distancing & Indoor Tracking Solution

Covid-19 And Social Distancing

Covid-19 spreads among people who are in close contact.

Digitally auiditing social distancing is vital for companies to assure health and safety and business continuity during pandemic..

Net Team provides the unique indoor tracking solution that provides peer to peer social distancing control for this reason.


Social Distance Control

With the unique technology developed with our partners, real-time monitoring and social distance control are combined.

Peer to peer proximity detection.

Instant notification via e-mail, SMS and mobile application in social distance violations.

Extensive historical reporting infrastructure for filiation.

Precise data for later event analysis

Net Team Digital Facility – Efficient Workforce Solution contribute HSE efforts of companies to sustain their business by digitally auditing social distance rule

Advanced Data Analytics

It has become an important requirement to measure the distance among personnel digitally and accurately, transfer the measurements to the big data infrastructure and manage the process with data-based decisions.

The estimation algorithms offered by our partner Trio Mobil with advanced data analytics simulate possible effects of the epidemic and make recommendations to minimize spreading

Data-driven decisions enable optimal quarantine conditions to be determined after the outbreak.

World-Class Indoor Tracking Technology

Track people, forklifts and AGV’s, products and assets real time via web and mobile dashboards.

Get heat maps, reporting and API integration to analyze and optimize operations.


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