Disruption-free connectivity

Upgrade your patient entertainment services with no drills, hammers nor wards out of service.

Our seamlessly integrated solutions for hotels use future-ready tech built on your existing infrastructure.


Gigabit network, no new cables.

Save costs, gain revenue

No need for expensive re-cabling; opportunity to monetise TV & internet.

Safe and secure

Does not interfere with critical hospital networks.


Strong network infrastructure

Fast connection to every room

Lacking a suitable WiFi system and concerned by the costs of upgrading it?

We deliver a reliable, gigabit network to every room, using the TV cables you already have.

TRIAX Ethernet over Coax + WiFi is the low cost, low disruption way to keep your patients connected.

Seamlessly integrated TV Solutions

Add value to patient entertainment

Our best-in-class Wave 2 technology makes all the benefits of IPTV services possible, for a fraction of the price and none of the installation disruption.



The TRIAX solution enables Samsung Smart Hospitality TVs to deliver interactivity and smart functions directly to patients, without the necessity of rewiring buildings and switching rooms off for refurbishment

Piotr Lipiec - EU BDM Samsung HTV


We can help you choose the best solutions for your needs.