Digital Signage

TRIAX In Touch – Digital Signage

Promote, inspire, entertain, inform

Capture your guests’ attention, in the right place at the right time.

Digital Signage gives you the opportunity to display your scheduled promotions and information in the most visible areas of your establishment.


Promoting, anywhere

…at your fingertips

Professional solution

Works with any screen


Unlimited content editing and scheduling


Remote administration from any device

The right place

Schedule your images and videos in playlists, reaching guests on their way in or out of the hotel, by the elevator, or in the corridor.

Anywhere, in fact, that can put your messaging at the forefront of the guest experience. You have complete control.

The right time

Automatically schedule your promotional messaging to suit the time of day, for maximum response and reaction.

Just set up once and let In Touch do the rest – playlists can be set to recur as and when you please.

Sign of the times

Not everyone needs to invest in high-end, SoC digital signage displays. Naturally, our system works with these too, but we’re here to help you keep your outlay to a minimum.

Our simple, compact and robust DS-Player tucks discreetly behind any standard TV or monitor to turn it into a fully functioning, remotely managed and monitored digital sign.

Each display works individually or as part of a group, so you have complete control over your content, wherever you are.



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Event Management

Conference displays …at your fingertips

Enhance your conference facilities with Event Management – dynamic Digital Signage pointing guests to the right place, at the right time.

Simply add an event or meeting and let In Touch take care of the rest.

The day’s agenda is displayed on clear, elegant overview screens, and door signs dynamically update with the current event.

  • Professional solution, works with any screen
  • Easy to manage booking system
  • Dynamically updated displays
  • PMS integration

The complete overview

Place one or more overview screens in your hotel’s common areas to keep guests up to date with the day’s agenda.

Smaller panels can be used as door signs, dynamically updating according to the room and time of day.

As with all our Digital Signage, it’s compatible with professional SoC displays – or use with any TV or monitor to suit your needs or budget.


Scheduled to perfection

Use the straightforward Management Tool to plan your conference agenda.

All signs dynamically update, with full manual control over timings if you need it.

Already using a PMS to manage your conference events? No need to change – we’ll get this talking to In Touch in no time.


In-room conference display

Provide a direct link to your events overview via the TVs in guests’ rooms.

Use InfoAPP to take guests directly to the overview from the TV’s home screen – just what’s needed to get your conference attendees off to the right start.


TRIAX In Touch

Guest communication …at your fingertips

Deliver services, information and marketing to guests discreetly and effectively, with our interactive communication platform powered by one unique management tool.

Entice your guests with the right messages at the right time, ensuring they avail themselves of everything you have to offer.

Display what you want, where you want and when you want it.

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